Creating A Financial Game Plan

January 9th 2017

Creating A Dynamic Game Plan

We start with a game plan. We sit down with our clients, we learn and understand and clarify their goals, their dreams. Together we help them create a game plan, and it’s not just a game plan that is on paper, it’s a dynamic game plan. We then practice and rehearse, we look at multiple scenarios and what-ifs and we stress test that game plan.

Then we work and pull together the top resources and implement this game plan. Now what’s important is not just to implement it, but to continue to monitor it because life changes and we want to make sure we adjust and we modify our game plan along the way as our client’s lives change. When we do this, we help clients focus on what important to them, spending time with their families, spending time on their careers, so that they know and have a peace of mind, this is taken care of for them.

Helping You Enjoy Life

Every client relationship is unique, thus there is no one way to build a successful one. Clients may want to make sure they don't run out of cash or have enough assets to cover their living expenses for the rest of their days. Some of our clients are concerned about the well-being of their heirs and extended families. For others, it's about saving money on taxes. The security of their investments is a primary concern for other clients. Some of our clients are looking for assistance in developing and implementing a legacy for themselves and their loved ones.

Reaching Your Goals

Working in this sector and helping clients who are business owners and had stock in their firm has been a terrific experience for us. In the game plan, they were hoping to retire at 60, and it was wonderful to assist them understand that they could cash in five years earlier and not worry about the changing regulatory climate.

While it was possible that its value would continue to rise enormously in the future, he had enough money to support himself and his family at the price he could sell it for. That allowed them to buy a second home, where their children and grandchildren can come and spend time together.

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