How Aldwin Callen Wealth Advisors Is Different

November 9th, 2017

Aldwin Callen Wealth Advisors differs from other wealth management organizations in several ways. Our company approach is one of the ways we vary. Our advisers are only supposed to do one thing: deliver wealth advice to their customers. Their goal is to keep their present clientele and create a close relationship with them. To achieve that personal relationship, we remove a variety of obligations that advisers are normally entrusted with and just have them focus on dealing with their customers, as well as restrict the number of clients that they may service. As a firm, we have a distinct team of specialists that build new business, and it is their aim to learn who those people are and to match them with the correct adviser.

Aldwin Callen Wealth Advisors is also distinguished by our customer experience. We have a mechanism in place for bringing on new clients. The objective is to guide them through a process that will actually assist them in identifying what is most important to them, and we accomplish this by first knowing who our customers are and where they come from. So we ask a lot of questions about their past, about money, about their families, about their values, and once we understand their past, we get a sense of where our clients are today and, ultimately, where they want to go and what is most important to them, because every one of our clients is unique. They each have their own set of chances and problems, as well as their own set of values. Our client experience is intended to assist them in understanding who they are and where they want to go, and as part of this process, we begin to grasp what is most important to them.

Aldwin Callen houses a wide range of specialists under one roof. This knowledge enables our clients and their advisers to make more informed decisions. So, for company owner clients, we have experience in business assessment, mergers and acquisitions, and assisting them with a business succession plan. We have tax specialists available to assist all of our clients in evaluating and implementing a number of various tax solutions. Our tax specialists assist our customers with complex tax concerns such as trust planning and multi-generational wealth, as well as simpler ones such as drawing distributions from a tax-deferred retirement account. Having it as a resource allows us to carry out our customers' goals long after they've passed away and actually present those with a blank canvas to assist them accomplish what's most important to them. These services reassure our clients that we can assist them in protecting their assets from creditors, taxes, and possibly themselves. Perhaps most significantly, these services can aid in the prevention of future squabbles and family antagonism. Experience in risk management is another resource we can offer our clients. Our advisers are enthusiastic about assisting customers and have the technical knowledge and tools to do so.

Aldwin Callen is a financial advisory business. We are also a privately held company. Because we are privately held, we can make choices and operate the business in a way that we feel is best for our clients without being concerned about the ramifications of our stock price. Thank you for coming to our website. Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can assist you.

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