With the financial markets constantly evolving you need a brokerage who can keep up, Aldwin Callen Associates’s research department is at the center of our ability to keep ahead of the crowd. Not only do the markets constantly change, our clients goals and situations do as well, Our team of industry specialists are trained and experienced in dealing with the constant changes, and we are proud to provide a client with a portfolio to match. Our researchers conduct research into more than just how a company is performing at the time, we go into the companies history from its inception to current day, this enables us to see potential trends in the companies fundamentals. We work closely with both our external and internal network to determine companies who we deem to be undervalued, to investigate into the company and bring our clients accurate and timely information.

Since we boast such a large and diverse range of clients, we understand that their needs and tolerance to risk vary in such a large way. This means that our researchers always have projects on different industries and markets, enabling our team to offer our clients more options than an average broker. Since our establishment we have known how important it is to bring a wide choice to our clients, and give them the information they need when they need it. This way we can make sure that our clients always are successful.

We know that our researchers are of vital importance when it comes to your success, so we make sure that we are in constant expansion to bring our clients the best information that they deserve. Our team is comprised of ex portfolio managers, financial market experts, global economists, and industry specific experts, having such a diverse team working together gives us a real edge over the competition.