Top Financial Concerns of Professional Women

August 10th, 2017

Women are frequently tugged in a variety of directions. Juggling the demands of a work, family, and household sometimes leaves little time to address financial difficulties. However, a little forethought now can save you and your loved ones from future stress and uncertainty.

Here are the main worries that many professional women have, as well as some basic measures you can take today to prepare for tomorrow:

Education planning (saving for college)

If helping pay for your children’s college education is a goal, consider the various investment vehicles that may help you along the way. Regular contributions to a plan can be a great start. The key? Save early and save often. Even small, regular contributions today can make a difference down the road.

Work-life balance

Women who feel pressure to be flawless in all aspects of their lives frequently fall short. It is critical to prioritize what is vital and outsource duties that do not provide fulfillment. Hiring a housekeeper, if you are able, may free up crucial free time to spend with your loved ones or pursue a new challenge at work. Working with a wealth adviser is another method to delegate tasks and gain confidence that your financial life is in good hands.

Transition planning

An unexpected life event, such as a divorce, a career shift, or the death of a loved one, is one of the most painful problems that men and women encounter. While it is hard to foresee whether such an incident will occur, you may take steps such as updating your account beneficiaries, setting up an emergency fund, and ensuring you have enough insurance coverage.

Essential documents

It's critical to understand that if you don't have the necessary paperwork in place, your careful preparation can easily be derailed. Establish and amend the following papers if your present position or aims change: will, trust, healthcare directive, power of attorney, beneficiary designations, and so on.

Health insurance

Another barrier to your financial planning may arise as a consequence of an unforeseen health issue that you or a loved one faces. Choose the finest health insurance policy for you and your family.

Retirement planning

How much money will you require in retirement? How much money should you put aside today to attain your goal? What sorts of retirement plans are most suited to your unique situation? Are your investments aligned with your goals? These are critical questions that an expert wealth adviser can assist you in answering to guarantee you're on track to meet your retirement objectives.

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