What Does Long Term Mean?

July 11th, 2018

People in the financial field frequently discuss the long term: "Long term, we believe such and such." Alternatively, "In the long run, this is likely to happen." However, no one can agree on what the term "long term" refers to. Are they referring to a period of five years? Ten years? Is it more than a year?

The work we undertake for you at Aldwin Callen is focused on making the most of your assets over time to support the life you want. Long term is defined differently depending on the aim - investing, financial planning, trusts and estates. Let's take a deeper look:

Management of investments. Our global economic estimates, which guide our strategic asset allocation and other major investment choices, cover the next ten years. We also take advantage of near-term possibilities (within the next two years) to take tactical positions, which are frequently aimed toward reducing portfolio risk or capitalizing on market anomalies. The end result is an investment portfolio designed to survive a full market cycle (both up and down) while capitalizing on short-term opportunities.

Financial and tax planning: We develop comprehensive financial plans based on your requirements and objectives. Plans contain an annual component but are created with a 40-year time horizon in mind. We answer the following crucial question for each customer, among many others: what level of expenditure is sustainable for the next 40 years given your existing assets and predicted investment returns? These long-term estimates are revised on an annual basis to reflect changes in your lifestyle and market conditions. The end result is a realistic, precise financial plan that serves as a basis for any goals you have in life.

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