WHY Aldwin Callen Associates is the right choice for your finances

  1. We offer each client a full service brokerage package tailored to them.

    When you work with a broker, you should be able to rely on them for all your financial needs, we pride ourselves on the full service we offer here, we show each of our clients a vast amount of investment opportunities, and plans that will fit into their current portfolio and goals. Depending on your investment preference, we have access to a diverse range of investment plans, including investment trusts, government bonds, annuities, commodities, and stocks to name a few. When it comes to your portfolio there really is no limit to what you can invest in, we offer a fully personalized portfolio service that we guarantee will fill your needs. Every one of our clients invest for different reasons, whether it be planning for retirement, creating a trust, planning their estate, or an education fund for their children or grandchildren. We take everything into consideration when creating you a portfolio, so depending on the purpose of your portfolio will determine the opportunities we show you. Combining our expert research with the years of experience we have in the financial markets, we focus on bringing you the best advice that is relevant to you and your financial situation. When it comes to the vast majority of our clients, they have a goal in mind but are not sure how to reach it, Aldwin Callen Associates will work with you to find the best route to reach your goals, keeping you in mind.
  2. Advice and Service that is consistent and accurate

    Working with Aldwin Callen Associates you will know that our focus is delivering you a personal service that is constant throughout our partnership. We focus on the target, which is your financial goals, in the short, mid and long term. Your portfolio with Aldwin Callen Associates will be in constant analysis and review sop that we can offer you the best options available to you. We work closely with you and take your thoughts and feelings into account when any decision is made, we want you to achieve your goals in a time that is beneficial to you, which is why we bring you opportunities in different sectors until you are happy with the performance of your portfolio. We don’t believe in contacting you once a year with an update, we work with you, so that you are in constant knowledge of how your portfolio is doing, and how we plan to improve it.
  3. Access to more than just a broker

    We know that two heads are better than one when it comes to investments, working with Aldwin Callen Associates you will have access to our global network of industry professionals, allowing for your portfolio to have increased productivity and accuracy. We know that when investing two very important factors are information and time, our team here focus on bringing you accurate information in a time where it is relevant. Working in the way we do, we are able to bring your portfolio more attention and more opportunities, meaning that you will experience a higher return.
  4. Tailored Advice Just For You.

    When it comes to investments, everyone is different, with different motives, different goals, and different tolerances. Aldwin Callen Associates aims to bring you the best information that has gone through our vigorous standards check. Through the experience we have gained from being in the financial industry for almost twenty years, we understand that when it comes to your portfolio you need to know that your finances are working in areas you want them to be. Your portfolio manager will ensure that the investments you are offered are right for your situation, they are able to do this by communicating with you to get to know you on a personal level, we combine the knowledge and expertise of a large brokerage with the same personal touch you get working with a boutique firm. Our priority is in assisting you to reach your goals.